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What’s the easiest way to spot the difference between a guy who’s naturally good with women and a pick-up artist? Just look at their text game. Oftentimes “naturals” have mediocre or even downright terrible text game. Usually, this isn’t a problem because the girl they’re messaging already has a high level of pre-existing attraction for them and all they have to do is not mess it up. However, naturals generally aren’t very good at building attraction from scratch over text.

Why is it that a lot of guys who have no trouble seducing women in real life struggle to do so over text? The answer is that texting is one of the most technical areas in all of game. 

Guys who are good with women convey their confidence through their body language, eye contact, and vocal tonality. They exude a very sexual vibe that turns girls on without them even having to try. During face to face interactions, their positive emotional state is infectious and as a result, girls have a lot of fun around them.

All of this happens automatically, without the need for conscious thought. But replicating all of this with just words on a screen is a different story completely. That’s where PUA text game comes in.

How do you spit game over text?

Mastering PUA text game means understanding that when communicating through text, the room for error is small and the details matter. A lot. 

A single punctuation mark can completely change the way a girl reads your message, giving it a different meaning entirely.

If you’re still not convinced that simply “winging” your texting interactions is a bad idea, then consider the fact that single attractive girls are constantly being pursued by new guys. She’s only going to give her attention to the ones she’s most invested in. And the only way to build real investment is to spend time with her in person. 

That means it doesn’t matter how many witty texts you come up with; if you don’t know how to get girls to meet up with you as quickly and efficiently as possible, then you’re going to lose them to the guys who do.

All this to say that your text game should be MUCH more structured and methodical than the interactions you would have in real life. With PUA text game, there’s no room for shooting the shit and having long conversations about whatever interesting topic comes to mind. Which is why learning PUA text game can often be a long, complicated process.

Our new text support group

If you’re someone who doesn’t want to spend years figuring out how to text girls through trial and error, then you’re going to need some help in order cut down on your learning curve. Unfortunately, texting courses and products can be incredibly expensive and hiring a coach even more so. 

Since we know that many guys can’t afford these options, we decided to create the UpLevel Text Support Group, designed to help you connect with like-minded men who are also dedicated to improving their text game. Once you join, you will be able to post screenshots of your conversations so you can receive feedback and advice from a world-wide network of guys, including yours truly. 

Not sure what to send? Having trouble getting girls to meet up with you? Want to know why she left you on read so you don’t make the same mistake twice? Just send a screenshot to the group, give us the context, and we’ll help you out.

Being a part of the UpLevel Text Support group also means you’ll be able to participate in conversations with guys who have experienced and overcome your particular sticking points, which gives you the perfect opportunity to level up your PUA text game. 

You can sign up to be a member today with a monthly subscription – feel free to cancel any time! If you have any questions you can contact us here and someone from my team will be in touch with you shortly. If you’re interested in joining, then you can book a free consultation call with me to find out if you would be a good fit for the group.

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