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Online dating and Instagram have the power to be some of the most convenient and efficient ways to meet beautiful women. Yet I see so many guys effectively shooting themselves in the foot because they’ve failed to optimize their text game.

Perception is reality. It doesn’t matter if you’re a genuinely cool, fun, and confident guy. If you can’t convey that through your texting, then girls aren’t going to give you a chance. Even girls who LIKED you in person will quickly get turned off if your text game isn’t on point. There’s nothing more frustrating than watching an amazing opportunity slowly slip through your fingers with each message you send.

That’s why I started the UpLevel Text Game Mentorship program, so I can share the immense knowledge I’ve gained after dedicating YEARS to honing this skill. After being coached for a month straight on everything from the best openers to the right way to set up a date, your text game will have gorgeous women fantasizing about you- even if you’ve never met!

If you’re tired of:

  • Getting left on read
  • Getting short one-word replies
  • Being unmatched
  • Struggling to move the conversation forward
  • Not knowing how to build sexual tension through text
  • Having girls flake on dates

Then this is the program for you!!

How It Works

Weeks 1 & 2

Before the program starts you send me screenshots of as many of your past messaging interactions as you can. On our first call together, we’ll go through each of them one by one and break down the mistakes that you’re making, and what you need to focus on in order to improve. After this call ends, you’ll receive an online copy of my Texting Bible, which outlines the texting structure that took me 5 years to perfect.

From then on until the end of Week 2, I’ll be your full-time text support. Not clue what your first message should be? Unsure of how to reply? Just shoot me a screenshot and ask me. I’ll tell you exactly what I would say and explain why it’s effective. 

Overtime, as you start to understand the principles behind good text game, I’ll ask you to tell me what you would say. Then I’ll give you feedback on your responses, so you can begin to develop your own texting style.

What if you don’t have a consistent pipeline of girls to message, but you still want to work on your text game? No problem. I will literally send you screenshots of girls’ online dating profiles and you’ll get the chance to practice all of the concepts I am teaching you through texting role-plays, in which I pretend to be the girl. 


By simulating real online interactions, I’ll be able to break down your errors in real time and drill you on how to read between the lines and pick up on the real meaning behind her texts. You’ll also learn how to identify her different texting patterns, and what they tell you about where you are in the interaction. This will give you a MASSIVE edge, since by the end you’ll have a detailed blueprint for how to deal with anything that a girl might throw at you.

Weeks 3 & 4

By the last two weeks of the mentorship you’ll have all skills you need to fly solo. You’re going to be applying everything you’ve learned in order to fully internalize it and complete your transformation into the modern-day digital Casanova.

You’re no longer going to need my input on every message you send. The goal for these two weeks is to let you make your own mistakes, so we can go over them together until your execution becomes flawless. I’ll also share screenshots of my own conversations to inspire you and further cement your newfound knowledge.

At the end of the mentorship we’ll have one final debriefing call to give you a roadmap for how to keep improving your text game so that you can finally have complete confidence in your ability to attract the kind of woman you want in your life, all without having to step outside of the house.  

Meet Your Instructor

My name is Stefan and I am the founder of UpLevel Dating.

When it came girls, I used to be an insecure clueless wreck. I’m sure some of you can relate.

I had to learn everything the hard way. I remember as a teenager I didn’t have very many friends so I would go out alone to bars and clubs to work on my social skills. It was absolutely terrifying at the time, but eventually I figured it out.

Ultimately, I molded myself into the kind of man who is confident that he can attract the EXACT kind woman he wants in his life. But I first spent years feeling lost and confused, getting brutally rejected over and over again.

I did all that so now you don’t have to. The reason I started UpLevel Dating is because I’ve made it my mission to be there for guys like you, to offer you the guidance that I never had.

So let’s get started.

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