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reddit pick up artists
reddit pick up artists, does any of it really work?

I sometimes get questions from people who’ve stumbled across techniques on Reddit for Pick-Up Artists. The questions are all around the same lines….

Does any of it actually work?

To which I say work to achieve what?

Everyone wants to know “Can you use this method or that trick to get someone to go home with you or even fall in love with you?”

My answer is always the same…

There is no perfect, fool-proof approach. Some people will like you… others will not. 

However, there are certain techniques that trigger attraction by tapping into some very basic evolutionary and psychological mechanisms.  

But, let’s take a step back for a second and make sure we are all on the right page….

What is Attraction?

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Attraction is defined as the initial emotion that draws two people together. Both psychologists and pick-up artists know that generating attraction is the first step towards a relationship. That being said, attraction isn’t something you can conjure into existence using some kind of trick or pick-up line you’ve seen on reddit. 

Simply repeating some line that the girl has probably heard 6000 times already won’t get you anywhere. 

Here are three different “triggers” that really build attraction:


This one is pretty straightforward. The more attractive you look, the more likely it is that a girl will be attracted to you. This does NOT mean that you should give up on your dating life if you don’t meet the conventional standards for male beauty. Physical appearance is only part of the equation. However, you SHOULD be looking to maximize your looks wherever possible. Here is a list of things that will greatly improve your standing in this area, no matter who you are:

  • Working out at least 3x a week
  • Eating healthy
  • Working on your fashion sense and dressing well
  • Hygiene and grooming 


Women are evolutionarily wired to seek high status partners. High status men are more likely to be able to provide her future children with resources as well as to protect them from harm. This doesn’t mean you need a fancy car and a high paying job in order to meet women. All you need to do is display high status behavior through the way you carry yourself and interact with others. This includes:

  • Maintaining strong eye contact
  • Relaxed and open body language
  • Actively leading interactions
  • Escalating in a confident way, both physically and verbally
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Women want men that other women already desire. This is a form of social proof; if other women like you that must mean you’re worthy of being liked. It also means that if she chooses you, then her choice has already been socially validated. Demonstrating pre-selection can be tricky; bragging about your past sexual exploits is only going to make you come off as a douchebag. However here are some of the ways you can do it:

  • When going out, bring female friends with you
  • Show her that she needs to win you over (demonstrates abundance)
  • Express your sexuality openly

          So, can Pick-Up Artist tips from Reddit help you get laid and improve your dating life? If they tap into one of these attraction triggers, then maybe. But the key thing to understand here is that when it comes to seduction, what you do matters just as much as what you don’t do. You can come up with all the tricks in the world to display pre-selection or high status but you’re inevitably going to engage in some sort of behavior that gives you away.

          That’s why I recommend taking the time to truly BECOME the kind of man who women naturally find attractive. Instead of hitting the gym to get girls, become the kind of man who consistently chooses to invest in himself, for his own sake. Instead of faking confidence, become the kind of man who feels at ease even around the most beautiful women.

It’s a lot harder than memorizing Reddit Pick-Up Artist techniques, but I promise you it’s worth it.

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