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Simply The Best PUA Bootcamps

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Imagine if you had the ability to meet and attract an abundance of beautiful women in your life, right off the street, with minimal fear or awkwardness.

That is what our bootcamps are designed to do strategies that we have tested and mastered you will be go from not being able to approach to completely overcoming anxiety and be able to approach

Once you have abundance girls will be chasing you !

Each bootcamp is structured to help you drastically cut down on your learning curve, so you can start crushing it with girls in MONTHS instead of YEARS. That’s because I understand that every guy is different, so everything I teach is 100% personalized and geared towards YOU and overcoming your particular sticking points. 

There are no set lesson plans or field exercises. Even when I demonstrate something, I always explain how you can take what I’m doing and incorporate it into your own interactions in a way that feels genuine and true to who you are. 


PUA Seminars That Are Made For Results

Meet Your Coach

My name is Stefan and I am the founder of UpLevel Dating.

I started my journey when I was 17 years old as a timid, socially anxious virgin. Since then I’ve approached thousands of women in almost every different setting you can think of day game, night game, street game experienced all sorts of crazy sexual adventures, and dated women that my old self would’ve been too scared to even talk to.

While I’ve enjoyed every second of this, my real passion has always been passing on everything I’ve learned and empowering guys to propel their dating lives to heights they would’ve never thought possible. Seduction is my craft; teaching it is and always will be my life’s mission.

Which is why I love taking guys out in the field. You can read pages and pages of my content but the only real way to learn something is to experience it for yourself. My bootcamps are no magic pill. They’re not going to instantly turn you into the man you want to be. But what they CAN do is set you on the right path towards INSANE levels of abundance with women, in a way that will completely change your life over time.


How The Pick Up Artist Bootcamps Work

The weekend bootcamps go for 3 days and consist of infield, in class training & night game and day game as well

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In Class Seminars

Each bootcamp kicks off with a 3-hour pua class during which I go over all the techniques, principles and mindsets that you need in order to be successful in the field

This is followed up by an in-depth dive into the specific topics that are relevant to you and your situation, during which I answer any questions you may have.

We end off by hammering out a game-plan designed specifically for you, to ensure that you get the absolute MOST you possibly can out of this experience.

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In Field Workshop

The “field” can be anything from a busy street to a crazy nightclub. 

We’re going to be taking MASSIVE action for three days/nights straight.

Usually a bootcamp will run for about 5 hours so you need to come prepared to push yourself and work hard as these sessions will be very intensive.

The night usually starts with me demonstrating all the things I’m asking you to do so you can actually see it in action. 

After that, you’ll be asked to do it and I’ll provide you with feedback. The goal of the bootcamp is for you to get to a point where you can approach on your own.

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