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Dating doesn’t have to be hard…

I’ve noticed that guys often struggle to improve their dating life for one of two reasons:

1) They haven’t defined the real problem

Whenever you feel stuck, your brain is usually going to come up with an explanation for why. If not, there are many people out there who love telling guys such as yourself exactly what you should be focusing on. Unfortunately, they’re not always right. This leads to guys fixating on surface-level problems, which are either symptoms of deeper issues, or not that relevant to their success in the first place.

2)They’re using someone else’s roadmap

Your specific combination of values, goals, past experiences, and personality traits is unique to you. Just because something worked for somebody else doesn’t mean it will for you. There is no one-size-fits-all program or system. Ultimately, only you have the power to discern the best way to work through your problems and achieve your goals. Unless you have a hand in coming up with the solution, then it simply isn’t going to work.

Meet Your Instructor

My name is Stefan and I am the founder of UpLevel Dating.

When it came to girls, I used to be an insecure clueless wreck. I’m sure some of you can relate. 

I had to learn everything the hard way. I remember as a teenager I would go out alone to bars and clubs to work on my social skills. It was absolutely terrifying at the time, but eventually I figured it out. 

Ultimately, I molded myself into the kind of man who is confident that he can attract the EXACT kind woman he wants in his life. But I first spent years feeling lost and confused, getting brutally rejected over and over again.

I did all that so now you don’t have to. The reason I started UpLevel Dating is because I’ve made it my mission to be there for guys like you, to offer you the guidance that I never had. 

So let’s get started.

How I Can Help You

What I Coach:

The following is a non-exhaustive list of some of the topics I cover with my clients during private coaching sessions:


  • Overcoming approach anxiety
  • The right way to flirt
  • Building sexual confidence
  • How to escalate and lead an interaction
  • Setting boundaries in a relationship
  • How to get  girls to chase YOU
  • Managing multiple relationships


  • Overcoming social anxiety
  • Uncovering and letting go of limiting beliefs
  • Breaking negative thought patterns

Our Simple Process

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Consultation Call

Before I take new clients on, I invite them for a 30-minute free consultation call to ensure that:

a) I understand what you want to work on 

b) I’m confident I can actually help you 

c) You’re 100% confident that I’m the right coach for you

If we do decide to move forward together, then we’ll schedule our first coaching session


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Initial Coaching Session

Usually our first coaching session is 2 hours

We’re going to break down exactly where you’re currently at in your dating life and what’s stopping you from reaching that next level.

You will leave with a step-by-step action plan customized for YOU and designed to help you achieve your goals

We’re going to do this TOGETHER which means you need to be brutally honest with me or else this isn’t going to work

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Practise & Follow up

After the initial call, you will go out and implement our plan.  

We’ll have a follow-up call once a week for the next month so I can give you feedback and we can shift our focus as you begin to improve.

These follow-up calls will also let me hold you accountable for taking action in order to improve your results with women and your life as a whole.

Finally, throughout the whole month you’ll be able to message me at any time to ask me questions that may come up as you continue on your journey towards becoming the most attractive version of yourself

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